Interactive audiovisual installation, 2017

EchoSystem is an interactive audiovisual installation, carried out in collaboration with the pedagogical team and the students of the school of Jettingen (France). This artwork was conceived during the Creation En Cours artist-in-residence program, initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, in cooperation with Médicis Clichy Montfermeil.

Two versions of the work have been developed. The first version is an installation comprising a Kinect (capture device to detect the position, shape of the silhouette and movements of users), two speakers, a video projector and a projection screen. A second version installed on the interactive whiteboard of the class, tactile and perennial, allows students to keep track of our creation and rediscover it whenever they wish

Kinect version

Interactive whiteboard version

My goal was to truly place the students at the heart of the creative process: they were the ones who drew all the visual elements of the work (backgrounds, butterflies, flowers, etc.). In addition, all the sound material that I used for the composition of the interactive musical composition also comes from the school: some recordings of noises made by students using their mouth, body and objects, and recording of small instruments found in the institution.

The algorithmic system that I have developed give life to the various audiovisual elements in order to generate an interactive ecosystem: trees grow to the rhythm of music, butterflies fly autonomously and come to rest on motionless spectators. By moving the arms, one streaks of flowers appear, and when one brings the hands together, one makes appear a kaleidoscopic mandala that one can then manipulate...

Audio tracks


Interactive audiovisual device, 2016

The Interactive Musical Planetarium is a digital audiovisual device created specifically and simultaneously for the Necker hospital in Paris (France) and the Johns Hopkins Children Center in Baltimore (USA).

This device consists of an interactive audiovisual installation for TV screen, computer and Kinect and a tablet application for bedridden children.

I designed and developed this device to provide children a space for creative expression, allowing them to draw music by moving their arms, head, body (Kinect version) or by tapping and sliding finger(s) (tablet version).

This work allows anyone, whatever their age or psychomotor ability to have fun, to express themselves and to feel valued through a playful experience. This device also motivates children to move, helps them to forget pain and promotes their rehabilitation. It also offers new channels of communication between therapists, patients and their families.

My goal is to help children to forget about the walls of the hospital, their isolation, to make them feel connected with their bodies and with the cosmos. On the screen, their silhouette is made up of hundreds of stars and is recomposed, reconfigured at every moment, like their physical body. By creating beautiful drawings and melodies, they regain confidence in themselves, confidence in their aptitudes and by extension in the therapeutic process. The installation proposes several modes of expression and communication: body interaction (the form of the silhouette is reconstituted on the screen by hundreds of stars), gestural interactions (the movements of the created hands of the melodic and visual lines, and when the two hands are brought closer together, a ball of energy that can be manipulated is created), facial interaction (when one opens the mouth, children’s choruses are heard , and hundreds of stars are emitted), etc. The drawings made by the bedridden children on the tablet version appear on the screen of the installation. These musical drawings can also be exchanged between the two hospitals to create communication between the children of the Johns Hopkins Children Center in Baltimore and those of the Necker Hospital in Paris.

This project was made possible thanks to Art Dans La Cité and the generous support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the french Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Technical setup 

Interactive Musical Planetarium

Enso V2

Audio performance for augmented shakuachi, 2013

Live recording during my performance in La Gaité Lyrique (Paris, France) during Ircam Live event.

All the sounds heard during this performance are exclusively made from the notes I played and recorded live during the presentation. I built an usb controller and wrote an algorithm in order to loop, change the pitch, slice, transform and spacialize these notes in real-time in a 5.1 multi-channel environment.

During this performance, people are surrounded by sounds and can feel how the simplicity of a few simple notes can procreate the complexity of a very rich soundscape, how time and space are connected and how immaterial phenomena impact on their mind and body.

Programming, electronics and interpretation : Adrien Garcia

Enso studio version

Composition, 2011

Enso V1

Audio performance for augmented shakuachi, 2011