Interactive audiovisual installation, 2011

Our goal with this installation was to give back a bit of spirituality and magic to the church. We wanted to propose to the users an easy way to communicate with sounds and architectural projections, making them feel they are an integral part of the magic.

To do so, we built interactive spheres allowing people to play music and interact in real time with the visual projections on the church.
Three projectors were on another building to project the visuals on the church, and there were speakers inside the different spheres (for the sounds which react to the actions of users), and others all around (for the background music).

I wrote the algorithms for the interactive sounds and I recorded gongs, glass organ, tibetan bowls or shakuhachi which I mixed with piano or more electronic sounds to create meditative moods.

Collective project.
For this project, I was the audio team supervisor.

Transition track 1 (long version) :

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