Immersive interactive audiovisual installation, 2010

With this installation we wanted to make people experience the state of being a fetus inside their mother’s womb.
Users are lying on their back in a seat in a fetus-like position, surrounded by eight speakers and watching a panoramic projection screen located behind them.
The audiovisual content is reacting to their movement thanks to an infrared camera located above them. When users are moving, they feel like they are swimming inside the sound, because noises are triggered by their gestures and follow their movements all around them.
There are two levels of sounds. The first one is the realist level, with a wide range of biological sounds, like borborygmus, mother’s heartbeat, breathing or voice.
The second level is the psychoactive one, with some noises like Shepard-Risset glissando or binaural beat which are known to help inducing altered states of consciousness.

Audio : Adrien Garcia
Visual : Edouard Lanctôt-Benoit

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