Interactive audiovisual installation, 2017

EchoSystem is an interactive audiovisual installation, carried out in collaboration with the pedagogical team and the students of the school of Jettingen (France). This artwork was conceived during the Creation En Cours artist-in-residence program, initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, in cooperation with Médicis Clichy Montfermeil.

Two versions of the work have been developed. The first version is an installation comprising a Kinect (capture device to detect the position, shape of the silhouette and movements of users), two speakers, a video projector and a projection screen. A second version installed on the interactive whiteboard of the class, tactile and perennial, allows students to keep track of our creation and rediscover it whenever they wish

Kinect version

Interactive whiteboard version

My goal was to truly place the students at the heart of the creative process: they were the ones who drew all the visual elements of the work (backgrounds, butterflies, flowers, etc.). In addition, all the sound material that I used for the composition of the interactive musical composition also comes from the school: some recordings of noises made by students using their mouth, body and objects, and recording of small instruments found in the institution.

The algorithmic system that I have developed give life to the various audiovisual elements in order to generate an interactive ecosystem: trees grow to the rhythm of music, butterflies fly autonomously and come to rest on motionless spectators. By moving the arms, one streaks of flowers appear, and when one brings the hands together, one makes appear a kaleidoscopic mandala that one can then manipulate...

Audio tracks

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