Enso V2

Audio performance for augmented shakuachi, 2013

Live recording during my performance in La Gaité Lyrique (Paris, France) during Ircam Live event.

All the sounds heard during this performance are exclusively made from the notes I played and recorded live during the presentation. I built an usb controller and wrote an algorithm in order to loop, change the pitch, slice, transform and spacialize these notes in real-time in a 5.1 multi-channel environment.

During this performance, people are surrounded by sounds and can feel how the simplicity of a few simple notes can procreate the complexity of a very rich soundscape, how time and space are connected and how immaterial phenomena impact on their mind and body.

Programming, electronics and interpretation : Adrien Garcia

Enso studio version

Composition, 2011

Enso V1

Audio performance for augmented shakuachi, 2011

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